Technology / Programming / Methods: In object-oriented programming, a function that is defined as part of a class is one of that class' methods. See also attributes.

Cultural Methods

Business / Agriculture / Cultural Methods: Practices used to enhance crop and livestock health and prevent weed, pest or disease problems without the use of chemical substances: examples include the selection of appropriate varieties and plant MORE

Variable Declaration

Technology / Programming / Variable Declaration: Variable declaration is where a variable is first given a type and a variable name. For instance: int j:, char name[20]:, in c++, the methods and variables that the class will contain are declared in MORE

Method Definition

Technology / Programming / Method Definition: In c++, this is done in the .cpp file and looks like this: void classname::methodname() { } methods that are included in the .cpp file of a class have to defined in the classes definition in the .h fi MORE

Mind-Body Conditioning

Health / Pilates / Mind-Body Conditioning: The Pilates Method stresses the blend of Western and Eastern approaches to well-being. The Western approach is dynamic, with the emphasis on motion, muscle tone, and strength. The Eastern approach is MORE

Permanence Tests

Entertainment / Photography / Permanence Tests: Methods of establishing whether long term permanence of an image has been achieved. MORE

Transfer Processes

Entertainment / Photography / Transfer Processes: Methods of transferring a photographic image from one surface to another. MORE