Technology / Programming / Modules: Modules are small pieces of pre-written python code that you can import into your programs. Using the 'import' command, you can effectively 'cut and paste' all or part of a module. Regardless of whether the module is from the python library or another program, the computer does not see a difference between the module and your program.

Push Therapy

Health / Massage / Push Therapy: PUSH Therapy was specifically designed to eliminate pain originating from chronic tension. Therapists learn Soft Pressure Stimulation to treat tissue on a layer-by-layer basis. Techniques are administ MORE

Modular Decomposition

Technology / Programming / Modular Decomposition: The design that results from stepwise refinement, since your design has been 'decomposed' into modules MORE


Technology / Programming / Encapsulation: The physical separation of different subtasks, e.g., into separate classes, source code files or modules. MORE