Technology / Programming / Object: An object is an instance of a class. It therefore has all of the same attributes and methods of that class.

Other Words for Object

Object Verb Synonyms: thing, tangible, item, reality, entity, fact, phenomenon
Object Noun Synonyms: focus, target, butt, aim, destination, quarry, goal

Transitional Object

Science / Psychiatry / Transitional Object: An object, other than the mother, selected by an infant between 4 and 18 months of age for self-soothing and anxiety-reduction. Examples are a security blanket or a toy that helps the infant go to sle MORE

Objective Correlative

Technology / Television (TV) / Objective Correlative: An object which comes to represent an aspect of a character--e.g., Bart Simpson's skateboard representing his carefree and spontaneous lifestyle. MORE

Objective Form

Entertainment / Literature / Objective Form: A form of pronouns used as the objects of prepositions and verbs. Examples include the pronouns him, her, and them. Modern English uses a single objective form to mark what originally had been two gra MORE

Investment Objective

Business / Finance / Investment Objective: The financial objective of an investor. Whether the investor requires income or capital appreciation, for example. The investor's objective governs the investment strategy. MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Objectification: A figure of speech where the poet treats an abstract thing or object as if it were a place. Edmund spenser's house of holiness in the first book of the faerie queene is an example. MORE

Object-Oriented Programming

Technology / Programming / Object-Oriented Programming: Object-oriented programming is a programming paradigm that focuses by constructing objects (instances of classes) which interact with each other to solve problems. MORE