Technology / Programming / Operation: Statements which use programming commands to tell a computer to do something.

Other Words for Operation

Operation Verb Synonyms: function, functioning, working, running, performance, action, motion, movement
Operation Noun Synonyms: undertaking, enterprise, venture, project, affair, deal, procedure, proceeding, (day-to-day) business, transaction

Domestic Operations

Science / Geology / Domestic Operations: Domestic operations are activities located in the United States, including the offshore territorial waters, U.S. commonwealth territories, and protectorates. MORE

Greenfield Operation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Greenfield Operation: A new operation that is built from "the ground up". MORE

Open-Market Operations

Business / Real Estate / Open-Market Operations: The buying and selling of government securities by the Federal Reserve to control the amount of money in circulation. MORE

Watershed And Flood Prevention Operations

Business / Agriculture / Watershed And Flood Prevention Operations: A program area of the Natural Resources Conservation Service that includes Flood Prevention Operations (under the Flood Control Act of 1944, P.L. 78-534), Emergency Watershed Protection, and Small Wat MORE

Operational Integration

Health / Health Insurance / Operational Integration: The consolidation into a single operation of operations that were previously carried out separately by different providers. MORE

Animal Feeding Operation

Business / Agriculture / Animal Feeding Operation: Facilities where animals are kept and raised in confined situations: feed is brought to the animals. The General Accounting Office estimates that there are 450,000 such operations nationwide. When lar MORE