Technology / Programming / Pin: On the arduino, the pins are the ports that connect into the microprocessor. There are analog, digital, and pwm-enabled pins.

Other Words for Pin

Pin Noun Synonyms: brooch, clip, stickpin, tie-pin, scarf-pin, tie tack
Pin Verb Synonyms: peg, dowel, bolt, thole, thole-pin, spike, rivet, drawing-pin, push-pin

Topping The Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Topping The Ball: Keeping the thumb in the ball too long at release, resulting in little action because the fingers go over the top of the ball instead of behind it or to one side. MORE

Pinching The Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Pinching The Ball: Taking too tight a grip on the ball. Gripping the ball too hard. MORE

Pindeck (Plate)

Entertainment / Bowling / Pindeck (Plate): The area upon which the pins are set. MORE

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Personal Identification Number (PIN): A code used by a mobile telephone number in conjunction with an SIM card to complete a call. MORE

Ringing 10 Pin

Entertainment / Bowling / Ringing 10 Pin: When the 10 pin stands after a particularly hard hitting shot; see soft ten also. MORE

Second Surgical Opinion

Health / Dentistry / Second Surgical Opinion: A CIGNA HealthCare program an employer may purchase in connection with some CIGNA HealthCare benefits plans which can reduce the incidence of unnecessary surgery by providing participants with second MORE