Technology / Programming / Pointer: A pointer is a type in c++ and c that points to a section in memory. They are most often used to pass to a method to ensure that the particular variable being pointed to is modified by the method, rather than any other variable.

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Pointer Adjective Synonyms: indicator, rod, stick, index, sign, arrow, fist


Technology / Programming / Model: A model is a type or set of types that meets the requirements of a concept. An integer pointer is a model of the input iterator concept. 'model' can also be used as a verb to describe the relationship MORE


Business / Finance / Symbol: The derivatives market of Australia. MORE


Technology / Programming / Reference: A reference is the location in memory that a variable points to. You can use references to set the value of a pointer. For instance: int* p:, int j = 5:, p = &j:, // p is now pointing at the location MORE


Technology / Programming / Dereferencing: Dereferencing a pointer returns the value of the variable that the pointer points to. For instance: int* p:, int j = 5:, p = &i:, int k = *p:, // k is now 5 MORE

Jab Step

Entertainment / Basketball / Jab Step: Jab step also known as side step is performed when a player holds onto the ball before dribbling while his non-pivot leg performs a routine jabbing. This move is used to test defender's defensive weak MORE


Science / Chemistry / Barometer: An instrument that measures atmospheric pressure. A mercury barometer is a closed tube filled with mercury inverted in a mercury reservoir. The height of the mercury column indicates atmospheric press MORE