Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

Technology / Programming / Pulse Width Modulation (PWM): Is a way of simulating an analog output by varying high and low signals at intervals proportional to the value.

Other Words for Pulse

Pulse Verb Synonyms: beat, beating, throb, throbbing, pulsing, pulsating, pulsation, pounding, thrumming, drumming, thumping, thudding, reverberation, reverberating, hammering, palpitation, palpitating, vibration, vibrating

Other Words for Width

Width Adverb Synonyms: breadth, wideness, compass, broadness, span, diameter, calibre, bore, measure, beam

Pulse Radar

Technology / Radar / Pulse Radar: A pulse radar transmits a sequence of short pulses of rf energy, and estimates range to the target by measuring the time delay in returned pulses. MORE

Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF)

Technology / Radar / Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF): The number of radar pulses transmitted each second. The pulse transmission rate is automatically lengthened for longer ranges. MORE

Pulse Length Error

Technology / Radar / Pulse Length Error: A range distortion of a radar return caused by the duration of the pulse. The error is always on the far side of the return and is equal to the range equivalent of one half the pulse length. For accur MORE

Pulse Length

Technology / Radar / Pulse Length: The time duration, measured in micro seconds, of a single radar pulse. Also called pulse duration. MORE

Pulse Compression Radar

Technology / Radar / Pulse Compression Radar: Pulse-compression radars make use of specific signal processing techniques to provide most of the advantages of extremely narrow pulses widths whilst remaining within the peak power limitations of the MORE

Pulse Doppler Radar

Technology / Radar / Pulse Doppler Radar: Pulse doppler radars make use of the dopper shift in pulse radar to determine the relative velocity of moving targets. MORE