Technology / Programming / Scope: Scope defines the area of an application or method in which a variable is accessible. Most variables are accessible only within the brackets within which they are declared.

Other Words for Scope

Scope Verb Synonyms: range, reach, field, area, extent, compass, expanse, breadth, sphere, orbit, span


Science / Astrology / Horoscope: In this century, the word 'horoscope' has become synonymous with the daily 20-50 word predictions offered in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. It literally means the 'marker of time,' and it MORE

Scope Of Practice

Health / First Aid / Scope Of Practice: It is in the paramedic scope of practice to give injections through muscle, under skin or directly into a vein. Paramedics are not usually licensed to suture wounds. MORE

Reflecting Telescope

Entertainment / Photography / Reflecting Telescope: Telescope using a concave parabolic mirror to increase focal length and focus light at a point. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Modelscope: Is a device employing a short rigid endoscope fitted with a right angle mirror at its tip, used to photograph scale models from a seemingly eye-level viewpoint MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Cinemascope: A widescreen, anamorphic film process with an aspect ratio of 2.35 to 1. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Stereoscope: Viewer which accepts pairs of stereoscopic images. MORE