Technology / Programming / Serial: Serial is a library in the arduino core software that enables serial communication using the rs232 protocol over a port opened between another serial device. You’ll most often hear the serial port discussed in setting up communication between the arduino controller and another host computer.


Entertainment / Music / Serialism: Method of composition in which various musical elements (pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tone color) may be ordered in a fixed series. See also total serialism. MORE

Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)

Business / Internet Marketing / Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP): Serial Line Internet Protocol. SLIP refers to a method of Internet connection that enables computers to use phone lines and a modem to connect to the Internet without having to connect to a host. MORE

Universal Serial Bus (USB)

Technology / Computers / Universal Serial Bus (USB): A 12Mbit/sec interface over a four wire connection. Can support up to 127 daisy chained devices. Very common interface for peripherals like keyboards, mice, and printers. MORE

Serial Redemption

Business / Finance / Serial Redemption: The redemption of a serial bond. MORE

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)

Technology / Computers / Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA): A computer bus designed to transfer data to and from a hard drive using serial signaling technology. Because SATA cables are thinner than its ribbon type counterpart, they can be connected to more dev MORE

Serial Port

Technology / Computers / Serial Port: A port, or interface, that can be used for serial communication, in which only 1 bit is transmitted at a time. Most serial ports on personal computers conform to the RS-232C or RS-422 standards. A ser MORE