Technology / Programming / Signed: Signed numerical values can have negative numbers assigned to them. This usually means that the first bit of the number states whether the number is negative or positive. This means that signed variables represent ranges that start at the lowest possible number, for instance –32,768 for a signed int (in arduino), and go to the highest number, which for a signed int is 32,677.


Technology / Programming / Unsigned: Declaring a variable as unsigned means that it will store values only between 0 and their maximum value. For instance, in arduino, an unsigned int stores 0 to 65,535. The first bit of an unsigned data MORE

Compensating Developer

Entertainment / Photography / Compensating Developer: Developer designed to compress the general contrast range in a negative without influencing gradation in the shadow and highlight areas. MORE

IS (Image Stabilizer)

Entertainment / Photography / IS (Image Stabilizer): Feature that minimizes the effects of camera shake. Originally designed for video cameras. Canon has transferee the technology to its ef lenses. MORE