Technology / Programming / String: A string is construct available in processing and c++, which represents a series of characters that can be split, looped through, or accessed using methods that make working with a string easier than working with an array of characters.

Other Words for String

String Noun Synonyms: leash, lead, leader
String Verb Synonyms: line, cord, thread, twine, fibre, rope, cable, ligament, strand, filament

String Saver

Entertainment / Tennis / String Saver: Tiny pieces of plastic that are sometimes inserted where the strings cross, to prevent the strings from abrading against each other and prematurely breaking MORE

String Family

Entertainment / Music / String Family: The members of the string family include two types of instruments: bowed and plucked. The standard bowed string instruments, from highest to lowest, are violin, viola, cello and double bass. The harp MORE

String Quartet

Entertainment / Music / String Quartet: The string quartet was one of the most common chamber ensembles. Its makeup is two violins, viola and cello. MORE

string of pearls

Health / Tai Chi / string of pearls: Or string of beads: the spine: perfectly straight, suspended, yet loose, relaxed. MORE


Technology / Programming / Substring: A string is the smallest type of variable that holds non-numeric data. Word, phrases, lines of a file, and full sentences are examples of string values. In python, a string can also hold a number, but MORE

Marionette String

Health / Pilates / Marionette String: An image to encourage lengthening throughout your spine. Visualize a string extending from the crown of your head to the ceiling, suspending your entire spine along its length, from head to tailbone. MORE