Technology / Programming / Struct: A struct is a collection of variables, somewhat like a simplified class. It cannot have methods, but it can have properties. For instance: struct { int radius:, int x:, int y:, } circle:, the struct can be used only in c++ and arduino.

Tertiary Structure

Science / Biology / Tertiary Structure: The folding of a proteins secondary structure into a functional three-dimensional configuration. Shape assumed by protein due to interactions between amino acids far apart on the chain. MORE

Instruction Set

Technology / Computers / Instruction Set: The set of instructions that the microprocessor can execute. MORE

Secondary Structure

Science / Biology / Secondary Structure: The structure of a protein created by the formation of hydrogen bonds between different amino acids; can be a pleated sheet, alpha helix, or random coil. Shape of a protein caused by attraction betwee MORE

Perfect Market View (Of Capital Structure)

Business / Finance / Perfect Market View (Of Capital Structure): Analysis of a firm's capital structure decision, which shows the irrelevance of capital structure in a perfect capital market. MORE

Quaternary Structure

Science / Biology / Quaternary Structure: In some proteins, a fourth structural level created by interactions with other proteins. Aspect of protein structure determined by the number and arrangement of polypeptides in a large protein such as MORE

Pro Forma Capital Structure Analysis

Business / Finance / Pro Forma Capital Structure Analysis: A method of analyzing the impact of alternative possible capital structure choices on a firm's credit statistics and reported financial results, especially to determine whether the firm will be able t MORE