Technology / Programming / Switch: Switch/case statements control the flow of programs by checking a list of "cases" inside a set of bracket. The program checks each case for a match with the test variable and runs the code if a match is found. Switch (var) { case 1: //do something when var == 1 break:, // break is optional case 2: //do something when var == 2 break:, default: // if nothing else matches, // do the default // default is optional }

Other Words for Switch

Switch Noun Synonyms: change, alteration, exchange, shift, change-over, reversal, deflection, trade, swap or swop
Switch Verb Synonyms: twitch, lash, rod, whip, birch (rod), scourge
Switch Adjective Synonyms: twitch, lash, whip, birch, beat, strike, thrash, scourge, flog

Check Switch

Technology / Television (TV) / Check Switch: Running a check switch procedure starts a series of tests in DISH Network satellite TV system receivers which confirms that a good signal connection between the receiver and the multi-sat dish switch MORE

Phone Switching

Business / Finance / Phone Switching: Transferring money between funds in the same mutual fund family by telephone request. There may be a charge associated with these transfers. Phone switching is also possible among different fund famil MORE

Switching Hub

Technology / Computers / Switching Hub: A high-performance hub, also called a 'switching hub' that can recall what devices are connected to each port and transfer necessary data to the required port. Unlike the conventional hub, which sends MORE