Technology / Programming / Type: Type refers to what datatype a variable represents. For instance, int, string, or char are all datatypes. All variables and methods must have a type even if that type is void, unless they are the constructor method of a class.

Other Words for Type

Type Adjective Synonyms: typewrite, keyboard, transcribe
Type Noun Synonyms: class, category, classification, kind, sort, genre, order, variety, breed, species, strain, group, genus, ilk, kidney


Science / Genetics / Haplotype: A way of denoting the collective genotype of a number of closely linked loci on a chromosome. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Prototype: Term may be used differently in different situations and by different people. Usual meaning: an early build of the game (thus 'prototype' could be the first playable version, or it could be Alpha or B MORE


Science / Biology / Karyotype: The chromosomal characteristics of a cell; also, a representation of the chromosomes aligned in pairs. MORE


Science / Biology / Phenotype: The observed properties or outward appearance of a trait. The physical expression of the alleles posessed by an organism. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Tin-Type: See ferrotype. MORE

Pin-Type Connectors

Technology / Home Audio / Pin-Type Connectors: Will work with both spring clip and binding post terminals. This is probably the best type for connecting a thick, heavy-gauge wire to a small spring clip connector. On a 5-way binding post, this slen MORE