Technology / Programming / While: The while loop constructs a loop that executes until the statement in the condition of the loop is true. For example, the following will execute 10 times, as long as i is less than 10: int i = 0:, while(i<10) { i++:,}

Sitting Up Out Of Your Hips

Health / Pilates / Sitting Up Out Of Your Hips: An image to encourage length in the spine while seated. Initially, you may need to sit on a firm pillow to do this. Sending energy out of the top of your head and down through your pelvis will lengthe MORE

Sniff Sniff, Blow Blow

Health / Pilates / Sniff Sniff, Blow Blow: A quick percussive breathing pattern used in conjunction with quick, precise movements. Breathe in percussively two times through your nose to inhale, and blow out percussively two times through your MORE

Mind-Body Conditioning

Health / Pilates / Mind-Body Conditioning: The Pilates Method stresses the blend of Western and Eastern approaches to well-being. The Western approach is dynamic, with the emphasis on motion, muscle tone, and strength. The Eastern approach is MORE

Body-Mind Connection

Health / Pilates / Body-Mind Connection: The state of focusing the mind on the body's movements. To some extent Pilates represents a blend of Western and Eastern approaches to fitness: one is dynamic, stressing motion, strength, and muscle t MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Etching: Dissolving away selected areas of a surface while shielding the other portions with a resistant. The process is used as a creative drawing medium as well as for making half-tone plates on copper or zi MORE


Science / Astrology / Horizon: The visible juncture of Earth and the sky, represented in a horoscope by the Ascendant-Descendant axis. MORE