Technology / Programming / operator : An operator is a function that operates on or modifies a value or function. +, =, and / are mathematical operators, while & and ? In c and c++ are nonmathematical operators.

Other Words for Operator

Operator Noun Synonyms: (bus or taxi or train) driver, worker, operative, manipulator, practitioner


Business / Finance / Wholesaler: The purchasing of loans originated by others, for the acquisition of the servicing rights. MORE

Air Taxi

Technology / Aviation / Air Taxi: An aircraft operator who conducts operations for hire or compensation in accordance with FAR Part 135 in an aircraft with 30 or fewer passenger seats and a payload capacity of 7,500# or less. An air t MORE

Sole Proprietor

Business / Taxes / Sole Proprietor: A sole proprietor is the owner and operator of a business that isn’t registered as either a corporation or a limited liability company. As a sole proprietor, you are personally liable for all of you MORE


Technology / Programming / If-Else: An if is used with a comparison operator and tests whether a certain condition is true or false: if (x > 50) { // do something here } else { // do something if x isn't > than 50 } MORE

Zoom Lens (Variable Focal Length)

Technology / Television (TV) / Zoom Lens (Variable Focal Length): A lens with a variable focal length, allowing the operator to shift immediately and continuously from wide angle to telephoto (or vice versa) without switching lenses. MORE


Technology / Programming / Ifdef: The #ifdef operator checks whether something has been defined using the #define keyword. It must be followed by #endif. MORE