Additional Outlet (A-O)

Technology / Television (TV) / Additional Outlet (A-O): Receivers other than the primary one can be connected to the dish allowing other televisions in the house to be on different programs than the one connected to the primary receiver. Alternatively, an A/O also refers to a convenience outlet where there is not another receiver and the television will show the same programs as the television connected to receiver.

Other Words for Outlet

Outlet Verb Synonyms: way out, exit, egress, loophole, relief, escape, escape hatch, vent, opening, release, safety-valve, discharge
Outlet Noun Synonyms: retailer, shop, store, market

Additional Peanuts

Business / Agriculture / Additional Peanuts: Peanuts sold from a farm in any marketing year in excess of the amount of quota peanuts (see peanut poundage quota) sold from that farm. Additional peanuts must be exported or crushed into oil and mea MORE

Outlet Pass

Entertainment / Basketball / Outlet Pass: A pass made from a rebounder to an offensive teammate. MORE

Additional Paid-In Capital

Business / Finance / Additional Paid-In Capital: The amount paid by investors for stock over and above its par value. See also contributed capital. MORE