Additive Color

Technology / Television (TV) / Additive Color: In video, the combination of red, green and blue phosphors to generate all other colors.

Other Words for Color

Color Verb Synonyms: influence, affect, distort, falsify, taint, warp, twist, slant, pervert, bias
Color Adjective Synonyms: hue, tint, tincture, shade, tone, cast, tinge, pigmentation, pigment, dye
Color Noun Synonyms: tint, dye, stain, paint, crayon, tincture, tinge, pigment

Primary Colors

Entertainment / Photography / Primary Colors: Three primary additive colors of the spectrum in terms of transmitted light. These colors are blue, green and red. MORE

Custom Color

Life Style / Painting / Custom Color: Special colors made by adding colorant to paint or by intermixing colors, which permits the retailer to match a color selected by the consumer. MORE

Concolor Fir

Life Style / Christmas Trees / Concolor Fir: White fir, also commonly called concolor fir, is native to the western United States and may reach sizes of 130-150 ft. in height and 3 to 4 ft. in diameter. The oldest white firs may occasionally rea MORE

Complementary Color

Entertainment / Photography / Complementary Color: Color of light which, when combined with another specified color in the correct proportions, will form gray or white. MORE

Daylight Color Film

Entertainment / Photography / Daylight Color Film: Color film intended for use with daylight or a light source of similar temperature. The film is color balanced to 5400 k. MORE

Flat Color

Life Style / Painting / Flat Color: Any area of a painting that has an unbroken single hue and value. MORE