American Federation Of Television And Radio Artists (AFTRA)

Technology / Television (TV) / American Federation Of Television And Radio Artists (AFTRA): An AFL-CIO union of broadcasting workers. Headquartered in N.Y., near the offices of the major networks, it is the primary organization of broadcast talent, with 30 locals. Performers who appear in TV and radio commercials are required to be members of this union and/or other unions. However, spokespersons and others who are retained by public relations practitioners for talk shows and other radio and TV programs are not required to be union members, since they are generally not paid for their services.

Other Words for Federation

Federation Verb Synonyms: combination, confederacy, confederation, amalgamation, coalition, league, alliance, union, association, Bund, society

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Radio Noun Synonyms: transmit, broadcast, air, disseminate, announce, present
Radio Adjective Synonyms: receiver, portable (radio), crystal set, wireless, transistor, ghetto-blaster, tranny or trannie, boom box

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Television Verb Synonyms: TV, video (receiver), small screen, box, idiot box, telly, boob tube, tube, goggle-box

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Point-Of-Service (POS) Plan

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