Analog Sound

Technology / Television (TV) / Analog Sound: An electronic replica of a sound wave on audio or video tape: the sound wave is converted into an electronic copy or analog. This type of sound recording is being replaced by digital sound. Vinyl albums and audio cassettes create sound through an analog process: compact discs, dvds and digital audio tape (DAT) store sound digitally.

Other Words for Sound

Sound Verb Synonyms: undamaged, uninjured, whole, unmarred, in good condition or shape, intact, unimpaired, unscathed
Sound Adjective Synonyms: resound, reverberate, echo, resonate
Sound Noun Synonyms: tone, noise, din, cacophony, report

Digital Sound

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Sound: A technology (e.g., cds) that converts sound into numbers: this allows computers to process and/or change the recorded sound. It has been replacing analog sound processes (e.g., vinyl albums and audio MORE

Sound Editor

Technology / Television (TV) / Sound Editor: Technician who, in post-production, manipulates a program's soundtrack. MORE

Sound Field

Technology / Home Audio / Sound Field: The totality of the sound presented by the audio system. This includes the sound as it was recorded, mixed, transported, reproduced, and finally heard by the listener. MORE