Technology / Television (TV) / Aperture: In terms of a narrative: a conclusion with an ambiguous ending, and/or without resolution, without answering its questions. The opposite of closure. In terms of video and film cameras: the opening through which light passes.

Other Words for Aperture

Aperture Noun Synonyms: opening, space, gap, cleft, chink, crevice, crack, fissure, hole, chasm

Aperture Priority Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Aperture Priority Camera: Semi-automatic camera on which the photographer sets the aperture and the camera automatically sets the shutter speed. MORE

Limiting Aperture

Entertainment / Photography / Limiting Aperture: Actual size of the aperture formed by the iris diaphragm at any setting. MORE

Automatic Aperture

Entertainment / Photography / Automatic Aperture: Lens aperture mechanism that stops down to s preset size just as the shutter is fired, afterwards returning to the maximum aperture again for focusing and composing the next image. MORE

Working Aperture

Entertainment / Photography / Working Aperture: Is the widest aperture at which an acceptable image can be achieved. MORE

Critical Aperture

Entertainment / Photography / Critical Aperture: Setting at which a lens gives its best performance. The setting offers the best compromise between diffracting due to small aperture and lens aberrations apparent at wide apertures. MORE

Aperture Ring

Entertainment / Photography / Aperture Ring: Ring located on the outside of the lens usually behind the focusing ring, which is linked mechanically to the diaphragm to control the size of the aperture. MORE