Audience Duplication

Technology / Television (TV) / Audience Duplication: The extent to which the audience of one station is exposed to that of another.

Internal Audience

Entertainment / Literature / Internal Audience: An imaginary listener(s) or audience to whom a character speaks in a poem or story. For example, the duke speaking in Browning's 'My Last Duchess' appears to be addressing the reader as if the reader MORE

Implied Audience

Entertainment / Literature / Implied Audience: The 'you' a writer or poet refers to or implies when creating a dramatic monologue. This implied audience might be (but is not necessarily) the reader of the poem, or it might be the vague outline or MORE

Quarter Hour Audience

Technology / Television (TV) / Quarter Hour Audience: Individuals viewing a station at least five minutes in a specific 15-minute period. MORE

Reduplication Phenomena

Science / Psychiatry / Reduplication Phenomena: part or all of the body is felt to be reduplicated MORE

Total Audience

Technology / Television (TV) / Total Audience: Percent of households tuning to all or to any portion of a program for at least 6 minutes. MORE

Target Audience

Technology / Television (TV) / Target Audience: The audience most desired by advertisers in terms of potential product/service usage and revenue potential. MORE