Auteur Theory

Technology / Television (TV) / Auteur Theory: Posits that a director is the author of a film/television program in the same manner that a writer is the author of a novel. The director is seen as injecting his/her personal artistic vision into a film/television program, and, over time, certain stylistic and thematic tendencies are discernable in the body of the director's work.

Preferred Habitat Theory

Business / Finance / Preferred Habitat Theory: A biased expectations theory that believes the term structure reflects the expectation of the future path of interest rates as well as risk premium. The theory rejects the assertion that the risk prem MORE

Organizational Behavior Modification Theory

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Organizational Behavior Modification Theory: A motivational theory suggesting that an individual will behave in a manner that helps him or her avoid potential negative outcomes and achieve agreeable outcomes. MORE

Presidential Election Cycle Theory

Business / Finance / Presidential Election Cycle Theory: A theory that stock market trends can be predicted and explained by the four-year presidential election cycle. MORE