Technology / Television (TV) / Azimuth: This refers to the horizontal direction of a satellite. It would have a different azimuth in Los Angeles than in Chicago. Since the satellite is over the equator, if you live in the US, it will always be in the southern sky.

Magnetic Azimuth

Science / Tides and Currents / Magnetic Azimuth: Azimuth reckoned from the magnetic north or magnetic south. See magnetic direction. MORE

Plan Position Indicator

Science / Weather / Plan Position Indicator: Also known as a PPI Scope, it is a radar indicator scope displaying range and azimuth of targets in polar coordinates. MORE

Radarsonde Observation

Science / Weather / Radarsonde Observation: An upper air observation used to determine winds and other meteorological data, by tracking the range, elevation, and azimuth of a radar target carried aloft. A type of rawinsonde. MORE

Range Resolution

Technology / Radar / Range Resolution: Range resolution is the ability of the radar to differentiate or resolve two targets that are close together in range. MORE


Science / Weather / Theodolite: An optical instrument used to track the motion of a pilot balloon, or pibal, by measuring the elevation and azimuth angles. MORE

Power Spectrum

Science / Spiders / Power Spectrum: intensity [= squared amplitude] of the Fourier transform, presented either in the form of an image (= the outcome of the PW operation) or as a profile (= the outcome of averaging the 2D power spectrum MORE