Basic Cable

Technology / Television (TV) / Basic Cable: Channels received by cable subscribers at no extra charge, usually supported by advertising and small per-subscriber fees paid by cable operators.

Other Words for Basic

Basic Adjective Synonyms: fundamental, essential, key, elementary, underlying, prime, primary, root, principal, central, focal, vital

Other Words for Cable

Cable Verb Synonyms: telegraph, wire, radio
Cable Noun Synonyms: wire, line, rope, hawser, chain, mooring, strand, guy

Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS)

Technology / Computers / Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS): This is a cable modem standard that was developed by CableLabs. It handles the incoming and outgoing data signals between cable TV networks, personal computers or television sets. MORE

Digital Cable

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Cable: A service provided by many cable providers (Time Warner and insight both offer it) which offers viewers more channels, access to pay-per-view programs, and online guides. Digital cable is not the same MORE

Irrevocable Trust

Business / Taxes / Irrevocable Trust: An irrevocable trust is a legal agreement whose terms cannot be changed by the creator or grantor who establishes the trust without the consent of the beneficiary or beneficiaries. The trust document MORE

Jumper Cables

Technology / Motorcycle / Jumper Cables: Jumper Cables are heavy electrical cables with clips on the ends used to connect two batteries together to Jump Start a motorcycle battery. Read the Basic Motorcycle Tip, below, for procedures to use MORE

Composite Video Cable

Entertainment / Video Games / Composite Video Cable: A video cable with a single yellow plug (usually along with the red/white audio cables). Produces better quality than RF but not as good as S-Video. MORE

Component Video Cable

Entertainment / Video Games / Component Video Cable: Currently the state-of-the-art in console video cables, separates the video into three wires that carry the red, green, and blue signals. These wires have five plugs, including the red/white plugs for MORE