Technology / Television (TV) / Bird: An alternative name for a satellite.

Bird Friendly

Life Style / Coffee / Bird Friendly: Term associated with Shade-Grown coffee. Describes coffee grown under a shade canopy. Arabica coffee is traditionally grown in shade in many (but not all) parts of Mexico, Central America, Colombia, P MORE

Carving The Bird

Life Style / Christmas / Carving The Bird: Cutting the meat and handing it out to people is called ‘carving’ the bird. MORE

Migratory Bird Treaty Act Of 1918

Business / Agriculture / Migratory Bird Treaty Act Of 1918: P.L. 65-186 (July 3, 1918), as amended, regulates the taking of wild birds and implements the provisions of four different bilateral treaties for bird conservation (with Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Rus MORE

Snowbird Program

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Snowbird Program : A term used to describe a form of alternative work arrangement whereby employees (typically retired individuals) move to warmer climents in the winter months and return to work only during the Spring MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Birdie: A score of one under (less than) par for a hole MORE


Science / Biology / Birds: Taxonomic class of terrestrial vertebrates that are characterized by endothermy and feathers; descended from some group of reptiles (or possibly dinosaurs). MORE