Technology / Television (TV) / Blocking: The actor's movement around a set: the director's incorporation of the actor into the mise-en-scene.

Deep Space Blocking

Technology / Television (TV) / Deep Space Blocking: A type of blocking associated with single-camera productions, particularly those shot on location. The depth of the 'set' is emphasized by the ability of one actor to be positioned near the camera and MORE

Shallow Space Blocking

Technology / Television (TV) / Shallow Space Blocking: A type of blocking associated with multiple-camera, studio set productions, where, due to the shallow sets, the actors mostly move side-to-side, rather than up-and-back. MORE

Ad Blocking

Business / Internet Marketing / Ad Blocking: The blocking of Web advertisements, typically the image in graphical Web advertisements. MORE

Blocking Agent

Entertainment / Literature / Blocking Agent: A person, circumstance, or mentality that prevents two potential lovers from being together romantically. The blocking agent was a common generic trait for classical Roman comedies and for many of Sha MORE

Cut Blocking

Entertainment / Football / Cut Blocking: A blocking technique in which offensive linemen, and sometimes other blockers, block legally below the waist (i.e., from the front of the defensive player) in an attempt to bring the defenders to grou MORE

Blocking Sled

Entertainment / Football / Blocking Sled: A heavy piece of practice equipment, usually a padded angular frame on metal skids, used for developing strength and blocking techniques MORE