Boom Operator

Technology / Television (TV) / Boom Operator: The sound technician who physically operates the overhead boom microphone.

Other Words for Boom

Boom Verb Synonyms: sound, resound, resonate, blast, rumble, thunder, roar, bang, explode
Boom Noun Synonyms: blast, rumble, explosion

Other Words for Operator

Operator Noun Synonyms: (bus or taxi or train) driver, worker, operative, manipulator, practitioner

Overhead Boom Microphone

Technology / Television (TV) / Overhead Boom Microphone: Held on a long arm by a boom operator, positioned above the actors' heads and out of view of the camera, it is equipped with a hypercardioid microphone so that sound from the direction it is pointed w MORE


Technology / Programming / operator : An operator is a function that operates on or modifies a value or function. +, =, and / are mathematical operators, while & and ? In c and c++ are nonmathematical operators. MORE

Multiple Service Operator (MSO)

Technology / Computers / Multiple Service Operator (MSO): A cable TV service provider that also provides other services such as data and/or voice telephony. MORE

Land Operator

Life Style / Travel / Land Operator: A company or individual providing such services as hotel accommodations, sightseeing, transfers and other related services, exclusive of transportation to and from a given destination. Sometimes calle MORE


Technology / Programming / Operators: A built-in function such as *, +, -, /, for, while, if, = MORE

Outbound Operator

Life Style / Travel / Outbound Operator: A company that takes groups from a given city of country to another city or country. MORE