Technology / Television (TV) / Bourgeoisie: In Marxist terms, the middle class: owners of the means of production and employers of the proletariat.


Technology / Television (TV) / Aristocracy: In Marxism, the most elite social class--consisting of individuals who do not work, and hold power through inheritance: kings, queens, princes, princesses, and so on. According to Marx's analysis of h MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Proletariat: In Marxist terms, the working class: this least powerful group works to survive, selling its labor to the bourgeoisie. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Guild: A medieval organization that combined the qualities of a union, a vocational school, a trading corporation, and product regulations committee for the bourgeoisie. These associations of merchants, arti MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Yeoman: In early Middle English, the term referred to freemen or freeholders, lower-class peasants who had obtained their freedom from serfdom, and as members of the new bourgeoisie were thus free to join gui MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Franklin: A medieval profession akin to a cross between a landlord and a real estate agent. In the early medieval political system of feudalism, society was divided theoretically into three estates: (1) knights MORE

Sumptuary Laws

Entertainment / Literature / Sumptuary Laws: Laws that regulate the sort of clothing an individual may wear. Classical Rome restricted certain types of garb to the senatorial classes and equestrian classes, for instance. In Classical China, only MORE