Broadcast Calendar

Technology / Television (TV) / Broadcast Calendar: This standard Broadcast calendar, created in the 1960s, is designed to conform to the uniform billing period adopted by Broadcasters, Agencies and Advertisers for billing and planning functions. Under this system, the standard week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. The standard Broadcast billing month always ends on the last Sunday of the calendar month.

Other Words for Broadcast

Broadcast Verb Synonyms: air, transmit, relay, radio, televise, telecast
Broadcast Noun Synonyms: programme, show, transmission, telecast

Other Words for Calendar

Calendar Noun Synonyms: appointment book, schedule, slate, diary, date-book, law docket

Gregorian Calendar

Science / Astrology / Gregorian Calendar: The calendar now used internationally, devised by Pope Gregory in the 1580s to replace the Julian calendar, which by then had accumulated a ten-day discrepancy with the solar year. Most, but not all, MORE

Direct Broadcast Via Satellite (DBS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Direct Broadcast Via Satellite (DBS): Subscribers receive programs via a small satellite dish. The signal is digitized and compressed via a proprietary format and decompressed by a set-top box. In most cases it is viewed on a analog TV. S MORE

Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS): A television technology that delivers signals directly from a satellite to a home through the use of a small (usually 18') dish. MORE