Camera Obscura

Technology / Television (TV) / Camera Obscura: A darkened chamber with a hole in one wall through which light enters, creating an image of the outdoors on the opposite wall. It was the earliest form of a 'camera,' and is where the name derives.

Partial Obscuration

Science / Weather / Partial Obscuration: Denotes that 1/8th or more of the sky, but not all of the sky, is hidden by any surface-based phenomena in the atmosphere, excluding precipitation. It often reduces horizontal visibility but not the v MORE

Pinhole Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Pinhole Camera: Camera without a lens which uses a very small hole pierced in one end to allow light to pass through and form an image on the back of the camera which can be covered by film. MORE

Plate Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Plate Camera: Camera designed to take glass plates but often adapted to take cut film. MORE

Polaroid Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Polaroid Camera: An instant picture camera designed for polaroid materials. MORE

Panoramic Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Panoramic Camera: Camera with a special type of scanning lens which rotates on its rear nodal point and produces an image of the scanned area on a curved plate or film. MORE

One Shot Color Camera

Entertainment / Photography / One Shot Color Camera: Is an obsolete plate camera making three color separation negatives from a single exposure. MORE