Technology / Television (TV) / Campaign: A specific advertising effort on behalf of a particular product or service which extends for a specified period of time.

Other Words for Campaign

Campaign Noun Synonyms: operation(s), maneuver(s), crusade, action, drive, offensive, push, effort, struggle
Campaign Verb Synonyms: run, electioneer, compete, stand, stump, throw or toss one's hat in the ring

Cpc Campaign

Business / Internet Marketing / Cpc Campaign: A website marketing campaign based on a cost-per-click price where you only pay for the visitors that click on your listings. Hitwise Search Marketing provides guaranteed traffic at competitive cost p MORE

Cross-Campaign Profiling

Technology / Email / Cross-Campaign Profiling: A method used to understand how email respondents behave over multiple campaigns. MORE

Campaign Optimization

Business / Internet Marketing / Campaign Optimization: MORE


Business / Accounting / Account: A section in a ledger devoted to a single aspect of a business (eg. a Bank account, Wages account, Office expenses account). MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Branding: The process of identifying and differentiating an organization’s products, processes or services from another organization by giving it a name, phrase or other mark. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Analytics: A feature that allows you to understand a wide range of activity related to your website and your online marketing activities. Using analytics provides you with information to help optimize your campa MORE