Chroma Key

Technology / Television (TV) / Chroma Key: An electronic special effects process, specific to video, making a single color (usually blue or green) transparent so that one image may be inserted into another--as in weather maps with a forecaster superimposed over them.

Other Words for Key

Key Noun Synonyms: latchkey, skeleton key, passkey, opener


Technology / Television (TV) / Keying: An special effects process, specific to video, in which an image or text is inserted into another image. See chroma key. MORE

Low-Key Lighting

Technology / Television (TV) / Low-Key Lighting: A lighting style wherein the key light is so much more intense than the fill light that there is a high contrast between bright and dark areas. The bright areas are especially bright and the dark area MORE

Meta Keywords

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Meta Keywords: The meta keywords tag is a tag which can be used to highlight keywords and keyword phrases which the page is targeting. Many people spammed meta keyword tags and searchers typically never see the tag, MORE

Low Key

Entertainment / Photography / Low Key: Photograph in which tones are predominantly dark and there are few highlights. MORE

Lock And Key Model

Science / Chemistry / Lock And Key Model: A model that explains the role of enzymes in chemical reactions by assuming that the reactants fit into the enzyme like a key fits into a lock. MORE

Keywords Tag

Business / Internet Marketing / Keywords Tag: META tag used to help define the primary keywords of a Web page. MORE