Classical Period

Technology / Television (TV) / Classical Period: In the history of theatrical cinema, the 1920s-50s when the Hollywood studio system of film production held total power and evolved the classical style of filmmaking. In a genre's evolutionary pattern, the stage during which thematics, narrative structure and audial/visual style are solidified into firm conventions, a recognizable cohesive unit.

Other Words for Classical

Classical Adjective Synonyms: standard, model, exemplary, traditional, established, influential, authoritative, serious, weighty

Other Words for Period

Period Noun Synonyms: interval, time, term, span, duration, spell, space, stretch, while, patch

Periods Of English Literature

Entertainment / Literature / Periods Of English Literature: The common historical eras scholars use to divide literature into comprehensible sections through periodization. Dividing literature into these sometimes arbitrary periods allows us to better compare MORE

Colonial Period

Entertainment / Literature / Colonial Period: American and British historians use this term somewhat differently. American scholars usually use the term 'colonial period' to refer to the years in the American colonies before the American Revoluti MORE


Health / Fitness / Periodization: A method of organizing a strength training workout program into several periods, each lasting about four weeks. Each phase has a different emphasis. MORE