Close Miking

Technology / Television (TV) / Close Miking: The positioning of a microphone very close to the performer's mouth--often used by radio and TV announcers.

Other Words for Close

Close Adjective Synonyms: closed, shut (up), fixed, fast, secure, tight
Close Adverb Synonyms: end, termination, conclusion, finish, completion, cessation, culmination
Close Verb Synonyms: shut, close up, seal, close off, lock, padlock, secure, fasten

Closely Held Company

Business / Finance / Closely Held Company: A corporation whose voting stock is owned by only a few shareholders. MORE

Closely Held

Business / Finance / Closely Held: Mortgage against which no additional debt may be issued. MORE

Closely Held Shares

Business / Finance / Closely Held Shares: A company who has a small group of controling shareholders. In contrast, a widely-held firm has many shareholders. It is difficult or impossible to wage a proxy battle for any closely-held firm. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Closer: Relief pitcher who specialises in pitching the last few outs of a game. General used to hold a lead in the late innings of a game. MORE

Extreme Close Up (XCU)

Technology / Television (TV) / Extreme Close Up (XCU): A framing that presents a view closer than a conventional close-up--e.g., a shot of an eye that fills the entire screen. MORE

Disclosed Dual Agency

Business / Real Estate / Disclosed Dual Agency: Real estate licensing laws may permit dual agency only if the buyer and seller are informed and consent to the brokers representation of both in the same transaction. Although the possibility of confl MORE