Closed Captioning

Technology / Television (TV) / Closed Captioning: Text stream included in broadcast signal that provides narrative description of dialogue, action, sounds, and other elements of the picture. Most often used by the hearing impaired and in environments where audio is undesirable (such as in restaurants).

Closed-End Management Company

Business / Finance / Closed-End Management Company: An investment company that sells shareslike any other corporation and usually does not redeem its shares. A publicly traded fund sold on stock exchanges or over the counter that may trade above or bel MORE

Closed-End Mortgage

Business / Finance / Closed-End Mortgage: An investment company that has only a set number of shares of the mutual fund that it manages, and does not create new shares if demand increases. Antithesis of an open-end management company. MORE

Closed-Panel HMO

Health / Health Insurance / Closed-Panel HMO: An HMO whose physicians are either HMO employees or belong to a group of physicians that contract with the HMO. MORE

Closed-End Fund

Business / Finance / Closed-End Fund: Position that is liquidated when the client does not meet a margin call or cover a short sale. MORE

Closed Transaction

Business / Accounting / Closed Transaction: A transaction that is completed within the accounting period: both the purchase and payment or sale and receipt of payment occur within the same accounting period. MORE

Closed Poetic Form

Entertainment / Literature / Closed Poetic Form: Poetry written in a a specific or traditional pattern according to the required rhyme, meter, line length, line groupings, and number of lines within a genre of poetry. Examples of a closed-form poetr MORE