Technology / Television (TV) / Clutter: Excessive amounts of advertising carried by media vehicles. Term refers to the total amount of advertising time and space and to its scheduling long strings of consecutive commercials for broadcasting.

Other Words for Clutter

Clutter Noun Synonyms: mess, litter, jumble, mishmash, olla podrida, confusion, hash, gallimaufry, hotchpotch or also hodgepodge, muddle, farrago, medley

Anti-Clutter Sea Control

Technology / Radar / Anti-Clutter Sea Control: An electronic circuit that suppresses clutter caused by the reflection of echoes from waves in a seaway. Sea clutter could obscure the return from other objects in the area. Also called stc (sensitivi MORE

Anti-Clutter Rain Control

Technology / Radar / Anti-Clutter Rain Control: An electronic circuit that suppresses the reflected radar energy from rain and other forms of precipitation to prevent masking of objects that might otherwise be lost in the clutter. Also called ftc ( MORE

Radar Clutter

Technology / Radar / Radar Clutter: The term clutter refers to any objects that cause unwanted reflections of a radar's electromagnetic energy to be returned to the radar receiver. MORE

Ground Clutter

Science / Weather / Ground Clutter: A pattern of radar echoes reflecting off fixed ground targets such as buildings or hills near the radar. This may hide or confuse the proper return echo signifying actual precipitation. MORE

Anti-Clutter Control

Technology / Radar / Anti-Clutter Control: A means for reducing or eliminating interferences from sea return and weather. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Polarization: Light said to travel in a a wave motion along a straight path, vibrating in all directions. Polarization can be brought about with a polarizing filter which causes light to vibrate in a single plane o MORE