Component (HD) Video Connection

Technology / Television (TV) / Component (HD) Video Connection: The output of a high definition video device (such as an HDTV set-top box), or the input of an HDTV receiver or monitor, comprised of (3) primary-color signals: red, green, and blue - each on a separate wire. The combination of these three signals convey all necessary picture information. In consumer video products, these (3) separate component signals refer to: Luminance (Y) - for Light: and two Chroma (Color) signals (Pb - blue) and (Pr - red). HDTV-Component cables and connections are commonly labeled: Y/Pb/Pr.

Other Words for Connection

Connection Noun Synonyms: link, tie, (inter)relation(ship), interplay, bearing, reference, relevance, appropriateness, correlation, tie-in, coherence, consistency, association
Connection Verb Synonyms: uniting, joining, linking, connecting, coupling, union, bond, joint, link

Passive Component

Technology / Home Audio / Passive Component: In a crossover system, a non-powered component used to separate an audio signal into a specified frequency band before it goes to a particular amplifier or driver. A passive device usually incurs some MORE

Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)

Technology / Computers / Open Systems Interconnection (OSI): A reference model developed by the International Organization of Standardization. It splits networking into seven layers which provide specific services and communications standards. MORE

Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI)

Technology / Computers / Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI): A local bus standard developed by Intel Corporation. Most modern PCs include a PCI bus in addition to a more general ISA expansion bus. Many analysts, however, believe that PCI will eventually supplan MORE