Technology / Television (TV) / Confirmation: A statement (verbal or written) given to advertising agencies by a network, station, or rep firm when accepting an order for a commercial and/or media schedule.

Exchange Confirmation

Life Style / Time Shares / Exchange Confirmation: Notification that owners of timeshares and the host resorts receive regarding the unit they receive in exchange and the dates of occupancy. MORE


Business / Accounting / Commission: A fee to a third party for assisting a business transaction, such as buying or selling an asset. MORE

Brokerage Account

Business / Taxes / Brokerage Account: To buy and sell securities through a broker-dealer or other financial services firm, you establish an account, generally known as a brokerage account, with that firm. In a full-service brokerage firm, MORE


Technology / Email / Verification: A program that determines an email came from the sender listed in the return path or Internet headers; designed to stop email from forged senders. MORE


Business / Finance / Markdown: The amount subtracted from the selling price of securities when they are sold to a dealer in the OTC market. Also, the discounted price of municipal bonds after the market has shown little interest in MORE

Committee On Uniform Securities Identifying Procedures (CUSIP)

Business / Taxes / Committee On Uniform Securities Identifying Procedures (CUSIP): The Committee on Uniform Securities Identifying Procedures (CUSIP) assigns codes and numbers to all securities traded in the United States. The CUSIP identification number is used to track the securit MORE