Technology / Television (TV) / Continuity: Scheduling advertising consistently over a period of time without interruption in order to build or maintain advertising awareness and recall.

Continuity Editing (Invisible Editing)

Technology / Television (TV) / Continuity Editing (Invisible Editing): A style of editing that creates a continuity of space and time out of the fragments of scenes contained in individual shots: the shots are arranged to support the progression of the story, thus editin MORE


Science / Geology / Discontinuity: A surface separating rock layers of differing properties or compositions. (See seismic discontinuity.) MORE

Mohorovic Discontinuity

Science / Geology / Mohorovic Discontinuity: The boundary between crust and mantle, marked by a rapid increase in seismic wave velocity to more than 8 kilometers per second. Depth: 5 to 45 kilometers. Abbreviated 'Moho' or 'M-discontinuity.' MORE

Business Continuity Planning

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Business Continuity Planning: Broadly defined as a management process that seeks to identify potential threats and impacts to the organization and provide a strategic and operational framework for ensuring the organization is able MORE

Continuity System (180 System)

Technology / Television (TV) / Continuity System (180 System): Set of editing conventions that evolved from Hollywood classicism, in which shots are arranged so that the viewer always has a clear sense of where the characters are and when the shot is occurring. MORE

Continuity Person

Technology / Television (TV) / Continuity Person: The person in a production responsible for maintaining consistency in all details from one shot to the next, including action, lighting, props, and costumes. MORE