Cost Per Mill (CPM)

Technology / Television (TV) / Cost Per Mill (CPM): The advertising rate charged to TV sponsors, which is quantified per thousand viewers. 'Mil' equals 'thousand,' from the Latin word mile. Thus, the CPM is the cost per thousand viewers.

Other Words for Cost

Cost Verb Synonyms: price, outlay, payment, charge, expense, expenditure, rate, tariff
Cost Noun Synonyms: sell for, get, fetch, bring in, set (someone) back

Other Words for Mill

Mill Noun Synonyms: plant, factory, works, workshop, shop, foundry
Mill Verb Synonyms: grinder, quern, crusher, roller


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Periphery Photography

Entertainment / Photography / Periphery Photography: Technique used to photograph the entire inner or outer surface of a cylinder or tube. MORE


Health / Acupuncture / Periphery: 1. The outside or surface of a structure: the portion outside the central region. MORE


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Health / Dentistry / Periradicular: The area which surrounds a portion of the root of the tooth. MORE

Perishable Commodities

Business / Agriculture / Perishable Commodities: Farm goods that prior to processing cannot be stored for a substantial period of time without excessive loss through deterioration or spoilage. Examples of perishable commodities are fresh fruits and MORE