Technology / Television (TV) / D-A: Conversion of digital to analog signals. The device is also referred to as DAC (D/A converter). In order for conventional television technology to display digitally transmitted TV data, the data must be decoded first and then converted back to an analog signal.


Entertainment / Football / Third-And-Long: When the offense faces a third down and is more than a short running play away from a first down; usually third-and-5 or greater. MORE

Fore-and-Aft Flat Twin

Technology / Motorcycle / Fore-and-Aft Flat Twin: A flat-twin engine mounted with cylinders positioned in line with the frame. MORE

Bid-Asked Spread

Business / Finance / Bid-Asked Spread: The difference between the bid and the asked prices. MORE

Lowest-Observed-Adverse-Effect Level (LOAEL)

Health / Disease / Lowest-Observed-Adverse-Effect Level (LOAEL): The lowest tested dose of a substance that has been reported to cause harmful (adverse) health effects in people or animals. MORE

Dac (D-A)

Technology / Home Audio / Dac (D-A): Digital to analog converter. An IC component or circuit that is used to derive or convert an analog signal from a digital one. MORE

Stand-Alone Principle

Business / Finance / Stand-Alone Principle: Make a good-sized market in the trader's own bid and offering prices. Hence, 'standing up' to the bid signifies the trader's willingness to buy size (i.e., 50m) volume at the advertised bid, even if t MORE