Deep Focus

Technology / Television (TV) / Deep Focus: When all planes (foreground, middle-ground and background) of an image are in focus.

Other Words for Deep

Deep Adjective Synonyms: profound, arcane, recondite, difficult, abstruse, obscure, esoteric, incomprehensible, beyond or past comprehension, impenetrable, unfathomable, inscrutable, mysterious, mystic(al), occult, weighty, serious, heavy
Deep Noun Synonyms: extensive, bottomless, abyssal, unfathomable, profound, wide, broad, yawning, chasmal or chasmic

Other Words for Focus

Focus Verb Synonyms: centre, concentration, focal point, heart, core, target, convergence, hub, nave, cynosure
Focus Noun Synonyms: concentrate, centre, converge, meet, pinpoint, spotlight, bring into focus, zero in

Focusing Screen

Entertainment / Photography / Focusing Screen: Ground glass screen fixed to the camera at the image-forming plane, enabling the image to be viewed and focused. MORE

Focusing Scale

Entertainment / Photography / Focusing Scale: Scale of distances marked on a lens focusing ring. MORE

Front Element Focusing

Entertainment / Photography / Front Element Focusing: System of lens focusing in which only the front component of a compound lens moves backward and forward to adjust focus. MORE

IF (Internal Focusing)

Entertainment / Photography / IF (Internal Focusing): System in which only the internal lens group shifts during focusing. If benefits include focusing without changing the physical length of a lens body, faster focusing, reduced diameter of the focusing MORE

Long Focus

Entertainment / Photography / Long Focus: A lens in which the focal length is much greater than the diagonal of the film format with which it is used. MORE

Infrared Focus

Entertainment / Photography / Infrared Focus: See ir setting. MORE