Deep Space Blocking

Technology / Television (TV) / Deep Space Blocking: A type of blocking associated with single-camera productions, particularly those shot on location. The depth of the 'set' is emphasized by the ability of one actor to be positioned near the camera and another far away: the actors may move toward one another, or participate in independent actions.

Other Words for Deep

Deep Adjective Synonyms: profound, arcane, recondite, difficult, abstruse, obscure, esoteric, incomprehensible, beyond or past comprehension, impenetrable, unfathomable, inscrutable, mysterious, mystic(al), occult, weighty, serious, heavy
Deep Noun Synonyms: extensive, bottomless, abyssal, unfathomable, profound, wide, broad, yawning, chasmal or chasmic

Other Words for Space

Space Noun Synonyms: interval, lapse, period, time, hiatus, lacuna, span, while, duration, extent, spell, stretch, pause, wait, intermission, gap, break, interruption
Space Adjective Synonyms: spaciousness, room, place, expanse, elbow-room, leeway, margin, latitude, play
Space Verb Synonyms: accommodation, seat, berth, room, place

Discovery Space

Entertainment / Literature / Discovery Space: According to Stephen Greenblatt, this is 'A central opening or alcove concealed behind a curtain in the center of the frons scenae. The curtain could be drawn aside to 'discover' tableaux such as Port MORE

Diegetic Space

Technology / Television (TV) / Diegetic Space: The physical world in which the narrative action of the television program takes place. MORE


Science / Weather / Deepening: Used in describing the history of a low pressure system or an area of cyclonic circulation, it means a decrease in the central pressure of the system. Although it usually describes the action of a pre MORE

Fourier Space

Science / Spiders / Fourier Space: the argument space of the Fourier transform, spanned by the components of the spatial frequency vector. MORE


Entertainment / Video Games / Hyperspace: Popularized in Asteroids (1980), causes you ship to disappear and reappear in a random location. Useful to escape dangerous situations, but can sometimes put you in a far worse predicament. Death on r MORE

Negative Space

Life Style / Painting / Negative Space: The areas of an artwork that are NOT the primary subject or object. Negative Space defines the subject by implication. See Positive Space, Notan, Gestalt MORE