Technology / Television (TV) / Dialogue: Speech among characters, which does not usually address the viewer. Also, a type of interview in which the voices of the interviewer and the interviewee are both heard, and both persons may be visible on camera.

Other Words for Dialogue

Dialogue Noun Synonyms: duologue, conversation, discussion, conference, talk, chat, colloquy, communication

Socratic Dialogue

Entertainment / Literature / Socratic Dialogue: An attempt to explore a philosophical problem by presenting a series of speakers who argue about an issue and ask each other questions. These various individuals hash out their ideas, accepting some a MORE

Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR)

Technology / Television (TV) / Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR): The replacement of lines of dialogue during post-production. Also known as looping. MORE


Business / Finance / Rebalancing: Realigning the proportions of assets in a portfolio as needed. MORE


Health / Massage / Osteokinetics: This therapy utilizes dialogue, coached breathing, and applying qigong from one side of the body through to the other while lengthening, stretching and manipulating the body, all of which creates spac MORE


Health / Massage / Hellerwork: Movement education and deep-tissue bodywork are the major components of Hellerwork, named for founder Joseph Heller. Emphasizing vertical realignment of the body and release of chronic stress and tens MORE

Opéra Comique

Entertainment / Music / Opéra Comique: French comic opera, with some spoken dialogue. MORE