Diegetic Space

Technology / Television (TV) / Diegetic Space: The physical world in which the narrative action of the television program takes place.

Other Words for Space

Space Noun Synonyms: interval, lapse, period, time, hiatus, lacuna, span, while, duration, extent, spell, stretch, pause, wait, intermission, gap, break, interruption
Space Verb Synonyms: accommodation, seat, berth, room, place
Space Adjective Synonyms: spaciousness, room, place, expanse, elbow-room, leeway, margin, latitude, play

Nondiegetic Sound

Technology / Television (TV) / Nondiegetic Sound: Sound that does not occur in the diegetic space (the characters' world), such as music that is added in post-production. MORE

Diegetic Sound

Technology / Television (TV) / Diegetic Sound: Dialogue, music and sound effects that occur in the diegetic space of the television program. I.e., sound that is part of the characters' world. MORE

Positive Space

Life Style / Travel / Positive Space: Space aboard a ship or aircraft that can be confirmed ahead of time. MORE

Shallow Space Blocking

Technology / Television (TV) / Shallow Space Blocking: A type of blocking associated with multiple-camera, studio set productions, where, due to the shallow sets, the actors mostly move side-to-side, rather than up-and-back. MORE

Space Banking

Life Style / Time Shares / Space Banking: Space banking occurs when a timeshare owner deposits a timeshare week into an exchange company's 'bank'. In the timeshare industry, 'Space banking' is synonymous with 'banking'. MORE

National Airspace System (NAS)

Technology / Aviation / National Airspace System (NAS): The common network of US airspace: air navigation facilities, equipment and services, airports or landing areas: aeronautical charts, information and services: rules, regulations and procedures, techn MORE