Digital Television (DTV)

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Television (DTV): Transmitting a broadcast signal by encoding it as 0s and 1s the digital code used in computers. DTV can be compressed to provide four, five, or more channels in the same bandwidth required for one channel of the current standard television, better sound, and about five times more picture information (picture elements, or pixels) than conventional television. WCET uses a different channel, i.e Channel 34, to transmit this service.

Other Words for Television

Television Verb Synonyms: TV, video (receiver), small screen, box, idiot box, telly, boob tube, tube, goggle-box

Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN): A wireless communications technology from Motorola that provides support for voice, data, short messages (SMS) and dispatch radio (two-way radio) in one phone. Operating in the 800MHz and 1.5GHz bands MORE

Households Using Television (HUT)

Technology / Television (TV) / Households Using Television (HUT): The percentage of all television households in a survey area with one or more sets in use during a specific time period. MORE

Integrated Digital Services Network (ISDN)

Business / Internet Marketing / Integrated Digital Services Network (ISDN): ISDN lines are high-speed dial-up connections to the Internet. That's good. What's bad is that their cost and availability is determined by local telephone companies, which means in some places they a MORE