Digital Tuner Or Digital Receiver

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Tuner Or Digital Receiver: A digital tuner serves as the decoder required to receive and display digital broadcasts. Some digital tuners can convert broadcasts for an analog TV or provide a digital signal to a digital television. It can be included inside TV sets or via a set-top box. If you convert the digital signal to be viewed on a analog set, you will not get the better picture quality nor widescreen format.

Outside Director

Business / Finance / Outside Director: A director of a company who is not an employee of that company and brings in outside experience to help make board decisions. MORE

Outside Corner

Business / Construction / Outside Corner: The point at which two walls form an external angle, one you usually can walk around. MORE

Overbought-Oversold Indicator

Business / Finance / Overbought-Oversold Indicator: An indicator that attempts to define when prices have moved too far and too fast in either direction and thus are vulnerable to reaction. MORE