Technology / Television (TV) / Diplexer: A device that combines two input signals into a single output. It may also be used the other way to split a single input into two outputs. Often used in satellite systems to combine a satellite signal with an antenna or cable signal, for reception of local channels. A second diplexer is then needed to split the signals at the receiver location.


Technology / Television (TV) / Splitter: A splitter is a passive device or diplexer (one with no active electronic components) which distributes a television signal carried on a cable in two or more paths and sends it to a number of receiver MORE

Multi-Switch (Or Multi-Satellite Switch Or Matrix-Switch)

Technology / Television (TV) / Multi-Switch (Or Multi-Satellite Switch Or Matrix-Switch): If you want to hook up more receivers than your dish can accommodate, you can use a multiswitch to split up the satellite feed without compromising signal quality. Some multiswitches allow you to add MORE