Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS): A television technology that delivers signals directly from a satellite to a home through the use of a small (usually 18') dish.

Other Words for Broadcast

Broadcast Noun Synonyms: programme, show, transmission, telecast
Broadcast Verb Synonyms: air, transmit, relay, radio, televise, telecast

Other Words for Direct

Direct Adjective Synonyms: manage, handle, run, administer, govern, regulate, control, operate, superintend, supervise, command, head up, rule, call the shots
Direct Verb Synonyms: guide, lead, conduct, pilot, steer, show or point (the way), be at the helm, advise, counsel, instruct, mastermind,her, escort

Other Words for Satellite

Satellite Adjective Synonyms: moon, spacecraft, sputnik

Medical Director

Health / Health Insurance / Medical Director: Manager in a healthcare organization responsible for provider relations, provider recruiting, quality and utilization management, and medical policy. MORE

Mobile Satellite Service

Technology / Cell Phones / Mobile Satellite Service: Powerful communications transmission service provided by satellites. A single satellite can provide coverage to the whole United States. MORE

Multi-Satellite Dish

Technology / Television (TV) / Multi-Satellite Dish: It is often necessary for consumers to use a multi-satellite TV system, such as the directv Oval 5 LNB Slimeline Dish or DISH Networks DISH 1000. This would normally be required to access programming, MORE

Marketing Director

Health / Health Insurance / Marketing Director: Individual responsible for marketing a managed care plan, whose duties include oversight of marketing representatives, advertising, client relations, and enrollment forecasting. MORE

Magnetic Direction

Science / Tides and Currents / Magnetic Direction: Direction as indicated by a magnetic compass after correction for deviation but without correction for variation. MORE

Interlocking Directorate

Business / Finance / Interlocking Directorate: Describes cross-memberships of directors on each other's company Board of Directors. MORE